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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Schneider EVSE Discount at HomeDepot.com

In honor of National Drive Electric Week, Home Depot and Schneider are offering a discount on the Schneider home charging station all this month. This is not an endorsement, just passing on something that looks like a good deal. 

Author : Sarah Kellner

With National Drive Electric Week just around the corner, electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts are ramping up for a frenzy of fun events that will help boost awareness about eco-friendly transportation. Just in time for this yearly event, Schneider Electric is offering a hot summer discount on their already-affordable $599 EVlink 30 Amp Generation 2.5 home charging station. When you buy online at homedepot.com and use the promo code: EVLINKSUMMER (case sensitive) you can receive $100 off of the charger now through September 30, 2014.

The EVlink charger is not only intuitive with easy-to-read lighting sequences, but also has a convenient delay timer which allows users to set their charging window ahead of time to off-peak hours so that you can conserve energy.

According to Mike Calise, Schneider’s  Senior Director, EV, the delay timer allows users to “Take advantage of these lower rates, without the hassle; simply set-and-go to save money, time and energy (kWh).”
In addition to its sleek, minimalist design, this EV charger also comes with a free customizable skin.

To find out if your EV is compatible with this charger, please call 1-888-778-2733.

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