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Monday, September 15, 2014

Jaguar Land Rover wants to hear from Oregon EV drivers

An RSVP Jaguar Land Rover event for EV drivers tonight (9/15/15) in the Pearl district. 

--- Forward -------------------------------------


We are hoping to invite more of your members to our event tonight. 

On behalf of Jaguar Land Rover, you are warmly invited to celebrate the kick-off of National Drive Electric Car Week and attend an exclusive event, tonight, in celebration of the electric car!

As a forward-thinking electric car owner, you and your guest will be allowed to go behind closed doors for an exclusive look into the Jaguar Land Rover research Lab, where you will connect with other electric car owners, and have the opportunity to share your own point of view with Jaguar Land Rover executives from the US and UK. The event will include food, cocktails and raffle prizes, including an iPad mini.

If you are interested, or know others who are, please email reganwnelson@gmail.com to RSVP, as this is an invitation only event.

Time and address will be given once individuals RSVP. We prefer not to post the time and address publicly so we can handle RSVPs.

Thanks for your consideration. 

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