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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oregon EV News of the Week 2014 Sept 17

Your weekly digest of Oregon Electric Vehicle news, events, &
multimedia. Feel free to forward it. To get on (or off) the mailing 
list, just email me: patrick (at) oeva (dot) org.

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Top Stories =================================================
National Drive Electric Week has STARTED!
o Test drive Mercedes-Benz, B-Class, BMW i3, Smart ED, & Fiat 500e at 
   the Wilsonville NDEW Event (+free milkshakes) http://buff.ly/XcI8Eu 
o Corvallis event will have ride & drives in the canopy-covered area of 
   Citizens Bank http://buff.ly/1uDPyh7 
o NDEW Portland: See PSU's Electric Avenue, the Portland Farmers' Market, 
   & EVs (+free cake) http://buff.ly/1wo32wT 

Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================
o The Battery Show, September 16-18, 2014 Novi, Michigan http://buff.ly/1cqo3M4 
o National Drive Electric Week Lincoln City, Sept 13 http://buff.ly/1o811j1 
o National Drive Electric Week Eugene, Sept 14 http://buff.ly/1o80kq5 
o National Drive Electric Week: Portland, Sept 20th http://buff.ly/WCH1hg 
o National Drive Electric Week Pasco, Sept 20 http://buff.ly/1o81txS 
o National Drive Electric Week Wilsonville, Sept 20 http://buff.ly/1oNXDZY 
o Peoples' Climate March Portland, Sept 21 http://buff.ly/XcPBTY 
o Driving on Sunshine: Opportunities for EVs w/ Solar Power, Sept 23 http://buff.ly/1rDyUzj 
o Nadaka Park Cleanup & Community Fest - We'll be there! Sept 27 http://buff.ly/1tqOETE 

Northwest EV News ==========================================
o Shorepower offers 10 hrs free charging time September 18-20 http://pic.twitter.com/sLIrJ2nco9
o Move over Segway http://buff.ly/1uEx6Ef 
o Want a gig for Electric Car magazine? http://buff.ly/1uAGlGr 
o Oregon startup Arcimoto nearing production http://buff.ly/1m659ox 
o Drive an EV for Less Than Your Gas Bill http://buff.ly/1scWrl0 
o Why Electric Vehicles Have a Bright Future as Cop Cars http://buff.ly/1uyTO1D 
o Shorepower Charging Station Network Now to Appear in OpConnect iPhone App http://buff.ly/1q5ZfPk 
o Batteries Included - Squeegee, Not So Much http://buff.ly/1q2KnAZ 
o Brammo Empulse RR Beats Twins in AHRMA Showdown http://buff.ly/YGvBdX 
o Weapon of Mass Acceleration http://buff.ly/1oDuPEw 
o 1,500 Mile Road Trip Completed http://buff.ly/1q0F3y8 
o West Coast Leads Surge in Electric Cars http://buff.ly/1usPu3U 
o Status Quo Bias: Mental "Glitches" Slowing EV Sales (part 2) http://buff.ly/1ovzHeK 
o World's 1st International EV Museum Opens http://buff.ly/1xGRB7Y 
o Translogic comes to Portland to check out the Works Electric Rover and Custom Chopper (video) http://buff.ly/WDNUi8 
o Electric Vehicles Rev Up at Southern Oregon Electric & Hybrid Car Show  http://buff.ly/YtAEhV 

Photos & Videos ============================================
o National Drive Electric Week local news coverage - YouTube http://buff.ly/XcFmz0 
o At PDX Maker Faire http://pic.twitter.com/urlQwl0q00
o Tesla Coil Ion Propulsion Demonstration - YouTube http://buff.ly/1y4pAaH 
o Electric powered water fun at PDX Maker Faire http://pic.twitter.com/bbO5ZKlVCG
o Electric Works Scooter at the Makers Faire at OMSI - YouTube http://buff.ly/1nWfMG3 
o Homemade BMWs i3 range extender (almost) - YouTube http://buff.ly/WZbfLi 
o Traveling Oregon in a 2013 Leaf. Newport from Salem. Photo by Jeff Koupal http://pic.twitter.com/uQmSiVc594
o Solar EV meet "T-Rex 2U" Hummer. Of course, the Hummer was idling. http://pic.twitter.com/qz10OJtl0j
o Formula E. Nico Prost and Nick Heidfeld HUGE CRASH - YouTube http://buff.ly/1s01xkv 
o 1st all electric Formula E race in Beijing - YouTube http://buff.ly/1tNr6r0 
o FACT: You can save up to 80% on your fuel by switching from a gas car to an electric car http://pic.twitter.com/v2lhLGNqZ9
o How Big Is The Tesla Gigafactory? http://pic.twitter.com/8ZndoavrCi
o video: Are Brammo Electric Motorcycles Setting the Future for Motorcycling?  http://buff.ly/1lZ5sS8 
o 3D-Printed Electric Car by Local Motors - YouTube http://buff.ly/1uGMYFh 
o Umpqua Lighthouse Campground in Oregon via Zero Emission Road Trip http://pic.twitter.com/RgieNbK7gL

Other EV News of Note =======================================
o 2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 Plug-In Hybrid: First Drive http://buff.ly/1tXWSWd 
o Inaugural Formula E Race Proves Electric Car Racing Is Anything But Boring http://buff.ly/1tXKkOu 
o Voice of Bart Simpson Wants You to Check Out Electric Cars http://pic.twitter.com/axxH8dpTCl
o New US DOE coloring book to help children learn about renewable energy & EVs http://pic.twitter.com/EyLQCBLmIv
o 2015 Kia Soul EV Gets Official EPA Range Rating Of 93 Miles http://buff.ly/1xYn8T4 
o Woman Builds Worlds Fastest Electric Motorcycle| http://buff.ly/1xYlhxy 
o Tesla's Musk Named Number 1 Disruptor http://buff.ly/ZiNHmh 
o Edmunds Plug-In Vehicle Roundup http://buff.ly/X4GGEm 
o Mercedes-Benz B-Class review: A great compact crossover that Americans (mostly) can’t buy http://buff.ly/1pUV48H 
o Kia announces pricing on all-electric Soul EV http://buff.ly/1oyvHdm 
o Google is helping to convert an old oil field into a solar power plant http://buff.ly/1tLWh9Z 
o Duke University Online Environmental Master's Degree Program Q&A in Portland, Sept 17th http://buff.ly/WXe2Fd 
o Electric buses: Proterra wants to rid America of emission-spewing buses http://buff.ly/1orcD0G 
o Charging on the Go: Tips & Tricks for EV Roadtrips http://buff.ly/1xBBbh9 
o The Clever Plan to Mine Lithium From Geothermal Power Plants' Wastewater http://buff.ly/1olsrlu 
o ..."the lack of charging infrastructure is now "yesterday's problem." 
   Why Electric Cars Will Eventually Dominate The Roads http://buff.ly/1rTuRyS 

=D~~~ Live Regeneratively!

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