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Friday, September 12, 2014

Squeegee Not Included

When you drive an electric vehicle (BEV), you save a lot of time and money on maintenance. There are no fuel filters, spark plugs, oil changes, transmission fluid (many don't have transmissions). The brakes last longer because of regenerative braking. "Fuel" for an EV is about one 5th of cost compared to gasoline. In short, the operating cost for an EV is much less.

However, there is one additional expense that I feel I must mention. If you buy an EV, make sure you buy a squeegee.

Now that I don't go to the gas station any more, my windows are getting dirty! The horror. People must know! A squeegee should be included with the purchase of any plug-in vehicle. By not doing so, auto companies are clearly conscripting us to gas station visits, if not to buy gas then to buy Doritos and lottery tickets! Please share this and spread the word of EV-squeegee awareness ;)

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