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Thursday, September 25, 2014

PSU Electric Motorsports Fundraiser

Last year the Portland State Motorsports team built their own electric racer. This year they are hoping to make an even better e-machine. You can read about their project and fundraising goals below.

Portland State University
Elevate Viking Motorsports
Building a Formula SAE race car is a yearlong project that demands a full-time effort of Viking Motorsports members outside of their academic studies. In doing so they gain tremendous knowledge of engineering and business concepts through the practical application of classroom knowledge. Machining, vehicle dynamics, engineering, marketing, welding, and project management are some of the skills we develop through our efforts.
CarLast year our team produced two race cars from scratch. One was powered by a combustion engine and the other a fully-electric vehicle - the first of its kind from Portland State. This year we strive to repeat this feat and secure a top ten finish in competition.
The project inherently incurs major costs in the materials, parts, and services needed to build both cars. It also costs us thousands in travel and registration fees. We hope you will consider supporting our team by helping us raise $7,500 to supplement other sources of funding. As a donor you will also be invited to follow our progress throughout the year, leading up to this year’s competition in Lincoln, Nebraska.

VMS Quick Facts

Goal: $7,500

Members: 12

Days left: 37


Pie chart
Portland State University
Give now
Portland State of Mind
See us Tuesday, October 21, 2-5 p.m., at the
Maseeh College Open House. [more info]

Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Getting Better

I recently wrote a story titled "The B-Class gets a D Grade". In this story, I explained that I had a bad experience when I tried to testdrive the B-Class at my local dealership. The car was not charged, the charging spot was ICEd. I did get to sit in the car and found the non-touch screen center console awkward to navigate.

As several readers pointed out, many of these are criticisms of the dealership, not the car or the manufacturer. Others defended the stance that the dealership is an important part of the experience and reflects on the car too.

One of the things that I most disliked in the car has now been addressed. The navigation system was showing all the nearby gas stations, but had nothing for charging stations. This car plugs in, it doesn't gas up. It was like handing a vegetarian a map of the best rib joints in town, useless. This made the entire car feel like a halfhearted effort to me. PlugShare to the rescue.

PlugShare is a great app for finding places to charge up and now it has been integrated into the B-Class in-dash navigation system. Maybe I'll give this car another chance, only this time I'll call the dealership ahead of time and let them know I am coming so they have time to charge the car up before I arrive.

Here is the press release:

Recargo Teams with Daimler to Improve Luxury EV Driving Experience

Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Gains Access to PlugShare Charging Network

PR Newswire
VENICE, Calif.Sept. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Recargo, Inc. announced today that the organization is working together with luxury automaker Daimler to provide customized access to PlugShare, the world's most popular electric vehicle charging station locator and driver engagement platform. Daimler has incorporated PlugShare into its B-Class Electric Drive in-dash navigation system via e-Navigator App, making its comprehensive database and services an integral aspect of the premium Mercedes-Benz EV driving experience.
The collaboration with Daimler is a strategic move by PlugShare to support new programs and partners in the ever-expanding EV market. The relationship furthers the demand for PlugShare's in-depth, quality-controlled and continually-expanding data and demonstrates how front-end customization of PlugShare can be incorporated into a variety of applications - including in-dash, smartphone, and online.
"We are proud to be working with Daimler, a company with a rich automotive heritage and commitment to excellence, to help make electric vehicle charging easier and more accessible," said Brian Kariger, CEO of Recargo. "Our collaboration on the B-Class Electric Drive demonstrates how PlugShare can be adapted for automobile platforms and capabilities, to give drivers confidence through convenient access to information that makes the most of driving electric."
PlugShare is the largest and most comprehensive listing of public, paid and free charging stations with more than 120,000 active users sharing information in North America, and over 100,000 worldwide station reviews, comments, and photos.
The Mercedes-Benz B-Class with PlugShare integration is now available in the United States in select markets. For more information visit mbusa.com/bclass.
About Recargo, Inc.
Recargo Inc. is a leading electric vehicle service provider that offers consumer and industry intelligence to support the adoption and growth of plug-in mobility. Recargo makes PlugShare, the world's most popular EV charging station locator app. PlugInsights is Recargo's driver research division, powered by a survey research panel of nearly 10,000 EV drivers. The company is based in Venice, CA, with offices in San Carlos, CA. For more information about Recargo Inc. and the company's product offerings, visithttp://www.recargo.com.
SOURCE Recargo, Inc.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BMW i3 REX Adventure

Guest Post by Bryce

I drove a BMW i3 REX to Arlington, OR last weekend and tested out the new SAE Combo charger. The charger worked exactly as expected, with a convenient gas station and diner next door.

This location is perfect for those heading east out of Portland into the "dark zone" of Eastern Oregon/Washington with an i3 REX! For example, one can get to Tri-Cities, WA with only one 45 minute stop to refuel and recharge... most of the trip is in EV mode, getting a trip economy of well over 100 mpg!

BMW i3 at new SAE Combo charger in Arlington, OR

I think that this is a great "bridge" car (while the DC charging infrastructure continues to grow and battery technology develops) for those that want to drive 100% electric around home, but occasionally adventure out far from public infrastructure (and can't afford a Tesla). Previous plug-in hybrids really turned us off due to poor range which would use the gas engine during most of our (longer than average) driving patterns, but the i3 has the same EV range as our Leaf plus the optional range extender doubling that.

I also drove from Portland to Florence, using the SAE Combo charger in Salem and doing some L1 and L2 opportunity charging at some tourist traps along the way. Again, this is a really great stretch of the i3 REX range with mostly EV driving and a little REX driving with very little time spent recharging.

If you haven't test driven the i3, I encourage you to do so. Portland is perhaps the best place in the whole country for this vehicle due to our charging infrastructure currently available. Having the option of either a BEV or REX model with or without DC fast charging also gives the buyer some great flexibility depending on their needs.

BMW i3 and proud owner on the Oregon coast

Oregon EV News of the Week 2014 Sept 23

Your weekly digest of Oregon Electric Vehicle news, events, &
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Top Stories =================================================
We held our National Drive Electric Week event on Saturday.
o Portland photos here: http://goo.gl/ry9ijc 
o City Captain's Report Lincoln City http://buff.ly/1u86OZr 

Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================
o Keep Oregon Cool Meeting, Sept 25 http://buff.ly/1C7SmWr 
o Nadaka Park Cleanup & Community Fest - We'll be there! Sept 27 http://buff.ly/1tqOETE 
o PUMP The Movie playing in Portland Oct 3 - Oct 5 http://buff.ly/Xr34HY 

Northwest EV News ==========================================
o Where is the greenest place in the US to charge up your EV? 
    Hillsboro, Oregon according to EPA http://buff.ly/1v0VWOL 
o Father, son share love of electric cars with Corvallis http://buff.ly/1mvRMyq 
o Oregon: Forces at Play || Brammo http://ow.ly/BI7ej 
o Washington, Oregon ignore public calls and invest in fossil fuel projects http://buff.ly/1rlfpd5 
o Oil Train Protesters Block Tracks To Oregon Shipping Terminal http://buff.ly/YYBoMj
o A Leaf Road Adventure Can Be Smooth Sailing Too Thanks to the West Coast Electric Highway http://buff.ly/ZujBwo#WCEH
o The Race to Become the Two-Wheeled Tesla - Electric Motorcycles http://buff.ly/1r6hN72 
o Portland Maine learning to plug-in from Portland Oregon http://buff.ly/Xv9GF9 
o Corvallis prepares to celebrate Car Free Day http://buff.ly/1uxKeJX 
o EcoSpeed Kickstarter to Ramp Up Production http://buff.ly/1vaJsDy 
o E-Bike laws vary widely from state to state http://buff.ly/1x3Ei0a 
o Confirmation Bias: Mental "Glitches" Slowing EV Sales http://buff.ly/1wtNoQA 
o Ingroup Bias: Mental "Glitches" Are Slowing EV Sales http://buff.ly/ZBeSsG 

Photos & Videos ============================================
o Keep it in the ground http://pic.twitter.com/gJDZeMP0Jc
o Fastest electric cars 2014 - YouTube http://buff.ly/Y43xAx 
o Video of first ever electric motorcycle travelling 1000 miles in 24 hours http://buff.ly/1mKPmfn 
o What do you do w/ a Tesla Model S that has a 15000 Lumen projector?
   Play a movie on the the United Nations building! http://pic.twitter.com/ewmfRupO28
o The Nissan LEAF is a Little Different - YouTube http://buff.ly/1mz9m4w 
o Jason Vogel Won Best in Show w/ his Brammo Empulse at Raccoons Fall
  Classic Car & Bike show http://pic.twitter.com/odE73OiMgm
o People's Climate March Portland via OEC http://pic.twitter.com/qajF70Ltk7
o Easy Thrills in a Nissan LEAF - YouTube http://buff.ly/1qYSgOr 
o 2014 BMW i3 in Portland, OR 97201 - YouTube http://buff.ly/1tOeT89 
o Electric Mustang Fastback Zombie 222 drag race http://buff.ly/1tOesut 
o DC Fast Charging a BMW i3 at - YouTube http://buff.ly/1v4ZrCS 
o Keep The Oil In The Ground - YouTube http://buff.ly/Zw0P7O 
o The Nissan LEAF is a Little Different - YouTube http://buff.ly/1tEWOt6 
o 2015 Pedego Electric Bikes Overview - YouTube http://buff.ly/XvwzIz 
o Tesla Model S Versus Ford Mustang GT500 - Drag Race http://buff.ly/1mg2xVa 
o Brammo Empulse R near Lake Tahoe http://pic.twitter.com/kMdo7we9xr
o video: Leilani M√ľnter, Vegan Hippie Racer Chick http://buff.ly/1ycZlyJ 
o Its 78% less expensive to charge an EV than to fill a gas tank http://pic.twitter.com/CrrpdRtJqw

Other EV News of Note =======================================
o Harry Reid: Boost EV Incentives http://goo.gl/fb/vqbhma 
o See the Official Guinness Book of World Records listing for the Largest Parade of Electric Vehicles http://buff.ly/ZEOE8P 
o 2014 Mitsubishi i-MiEV - A Bargain Basement Electric That's Actually Fun To Drive http://buff.ly/1x4JVLA 
o Senate Majority Leader Urges Congress to Expand EV Tax Incentives http://buff.ly/1x4Gvbu 
o Movie looks at why US still runs on oil http://buff.ly/1uf2mvS 
o Rockefeller Fund divorces fossil fuels http://buff.ly/1v9GiQo 
o ICE, BEV, HEV, PHEV, EREV, BEVx: What do they all mean and which will be cheaper in 2020? http://buff.ly/1uybJTK 
o Chelsea Sexton Explains Why Getting Butts in Electric Cars Is Top Priority http://buff.ly/1um5Ysn 
o Overhead DC fast charging for electric trucks http://buff.ly/1qSWO95 
o Electric Cars Are Cheaper To Insure http://buff.ly/1rnC0Wp 
o Report: Stop-start problems could lead to rise of ultracapacitors http://dlvr.it/6ycKSg #stopstart
o EV Drag Racing - crossing over http://buff.ly/1mmWhLm 
o Tesla Model S software v6.0 brings remote start, automatic location-based suspension adjust, smart commute & morehttp://buff.ly/XwWcsA 
o Study: Air Pollution From Cars Harms Babies http://buff.ly/1C8g2tU 
o Electric Vehicle Parking Signs http://buff.ly/XozW45 
o Nissan LEAF Truck http://buff.ly/1rftWa5 
o Colorado Couple Build World's Fastest Electric Motorcycle http://buff.ly/1qMjNlW 
o Electric Garbage Truck Hauls 9 Tons of Trash http://buff.ly/1uExXpw http://pic.twitter.com/eaWZtsiGtW
o 2015 Kia Soul EV drive review by Autoweek http://buff.ly/1qcLGNO 

=D~~~ Live Regeneratively!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Oregon Global Warming Commission to meet September 25, 2014

Angus Duncan
Oregon Global Warming Commission to meet September 25 
OGWC to vote on resolution in support of EPA’s Clean Air Act
SALEM — The Oregon Global Warming Commission will meet Thursday, Sept. 25 in Portland from 9:00 a.m. to noon at World Trade Center II, 25 SW Salmon St. (Mezzanine level).
A listen-only call-in line will be available for those who cannot attend the meeting in Portland. The telephone number is 1-877-336-1831. Please use the access code 872206.
The OGWC agenda will include:
Reviewing results of a study analyzing climate change and public health issues in Oregon 
Updating the Commission on the Oregon Carbon Tax Study’s progress 
Summarizing recent findings in the scientific community on climate impacts, including the US Climate Assessment Report and the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report
Also on the agenda:
The OGWC will discuss and vote on a draft OGWC Resolution in support of EPA’s Clean Air Act Section 111(d) proposed existing power plant carbon emissions regulations.
For more information about this meeting, please visit the Commission’s website at:
If you need special accommodations to participate in the meeting, please contact Linda Ross at 503-378-6874 or at linda.ross@state.or.us.
The Oregon Global Warming Commission is a 25-member advisory group created by the 2007 Legislature through House Bill 3543. Members were appointed and directed to develop long-term policy recommendations to prepare for, adapt to, and combat global warming. Public comments can be submitted to the commission at Oregon.GWC@state.or.us. Sign up for the "Oregon Climate Change News" listserv at www.orclimatechange.gov to hear about Global Warming Commission meetings and the state’s efforts to address climate change.
For more information on climate change activities in Oregon, visit the Oregon Department of Energy Climate Change Portal, www.orclimatechange.gov, and the Global Warming Commission’s website at www.keeporegoncool.org.
Oregon Global Warming Commission
Oregon Department of Energy
625 Marion St NE
Salem  OR 97301
503.378.4040 Toll-free in Oregon 1.800.221.8035

Mental "Glitches" Are Slowing EV Sales (Part 4 - Ingroup Bias)

Welcome to part 4. In this series, we are looking at the cognitive biases and logical fallacies that all of us have and how these could be impacting the mass adoption of plug-in vehicles. We have looked at Cognitive DissonanceStatus Quo Bias, and Confirmation Bias. In this post we'll be looking at Ingroup Bias.

Ingroup Bias

We are social creatures. Our brains are wired to support our family and our tribe. We distinguish between those within this circle and those that are "other". In our modern world, this is expanded to patriotism, religious affiliation, political parties, and even sport fandom. 

The ingroup bias is an expression of this tribal loyalty. 

The biology of this effect is associated with oxytocin, the so-called "love molecule." This neurotransmitter helps us to forge tight bonds with our ingroup. It also spurs suspicious, fearful, and even disdainful of people not from our ingroup. This bias causes us to overvalue the opinions of our ingroup. This could be at the expense of ignoring experts that are far more qualified to offer advice.

The ingroup bias is another bias for the familiar. Much like the status quo bias causes us to prefer familiar methods and the confirmation bias causes us to prefer ideas that we already believe, the ingroup bias causes us to prefer people that we already know.

Ingroup Bias Applied to Plug-in Vehicles 

Plug-in cars were the subject of scorn and ridicule by several conservative talk radio and opinion 'news' shows. They painted a picture of EVs as gutless golf carts only driven by liberal tree huggers and, therefore, not something for a "real American." This made plug-in cars a hot political issue. In 2012, GM said that the Chevy Volt was designed to pass crash testing, but not as a political football.

For a product to move to mass adoption, it has to transcend political groups. Smartphones, for example, are neither conservative nor liberal. The early marketing for EVs that focused on the environmental impacts, such as Nissan's polar bear ads, contributed to the division.

The good news is that this is changing. EV advertising has moved from environmental benefits to the more traditional joy of driving focus. This shift happened as more cars became available and the focus shifted from the early adopters of 2011 and 2012 to a wider scope of potential buyers.

Despite the shift, some of the tribal fractures from 2011/2012 still persist. If you are confronted with these, you must be tactful in your responses. Find out what matters to them and discuss how plug-in cars can help meet those needs. E.g., if they are concerned with the environment, that is easy, discuss the CO2 reductions by driving electric and how these can be even lower when the vehicle is renewably powered. If they are not environmentally minded, don't even bring this aspect up. Or if it comes up because they say something like, global warming is BS. You can tell them that Bob Lutz from GM felt the same way and he was the major force at GM that made the Volt. There are many other reasons beyond CO2 and global warming that EVs are great cars. Are they concerned with their monthly budget? There are lease deals for less than $150. This is less than what many people are spending monthly on gasoline. Are they concerned with government spending and national debt? The bulk of our defence spending in the middle east is to secure oil extraction and transportation routes. What about performance and safety...

Your perspective matters, but it is not the only one
If you are going to address the public as a plug-in advocate, you should be able to address all of these issues. It is important to be able to discuss what brought you to be behind the wheel of an EV, but you have to be able to articulate aspects EV ownership that work for other people as well.

You don't want argue with someone that their perspective is not valid. When you do, you paint yourself as part of their outgroup. Then you have no credibility with them. Can you address misconceptions? Sure, you can, but in a 5 minute conversation, you are generally far better off finding something that peaks their interest and starts them down the road to discover more information on their own.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mental "Glitches" Are Slowing EV Sales (part 3 - Confirmation Bias)

Welcome to part 3. In this series we are looking at the cognitive biases and logical fallacies that all of us have and how these could be impacting the mass adoption of plug-in vehicles. We have looked at Cognitive Dissonance and Status Quo bias. In this post we'll be looking at Confirmation Bias.

Confirmation Bias

It's human nature to jump to conclusions. We "go with our gut" or "follow a feeling" and then we look for data that confirms where this jump landed us so we can then rejoice in how smart we were for knowing or deducing something from just a few clues. Our minds have great power to rationalize, in this case that power is put to work, not to question this conclusion, but to justify it. This is the confirmation bias and it is a shortcut to thinking. Like many of our mental glitches, it often serves us well. It allows for quick decisive action. It is those times where it does not serve us well that we must address.

Our natural tendency is to prove we are right, rather than critically dissect our assumptions. We save that for people that we don't agree with. Looking to prove ourselves right means that we search for confirming data and ignore everything else. In short, we cherry-pick data points. This is why you can have people on each side of an issue that are so sure that they are correct. Confirmation bias goes as far as to slant our perceptions of ambiguous data. This means that opposing side may be looking at the exact same data and both believe that it supports their side.

Pick a topic that is near and dear to you, a cherished belief, your favorite sports team... If you were to search for it on the Internet, you'll likely find many sites that agree with your sentiment. However, you'll likely find just as many sites that disagree with you. If you were to list these sites in two columns (agree and disagree), it is far more likely that you spend time visiting the sites in the agree column than the disagree column. And why not? These are the sites that "obviously know what they are talking about." A 2009 Ohio State study showed that we will spend 36% more time reading an essay that aligns with our opinions.

If you know, believe, or otherwise cling to an idea; you likely to hang out with other people (online or off) that feel the same way. This can all too easily create an echo chamber.

Echo chamber of the Internet

Within the echo chamber, there is no questioning whether this idea is correct. Such acts are shunned, criticisms are at best considered ignorant and at worst blasphemous.

Confirmation bias allows us to continue to believe something even when confronted with contrary evidence. Much like the status quo bias dismisses new alternatives without much consideration, the confirmation bias dismisses contrary evidence without due consideration.

Don't believe everything that you think.

To counteract this mental glitch, you will have to step outside of your comfort zone. You'll need to be willing to consider that some things that you currently believe may no longer be true and perhaps never were. If you can open your mind to this possibility, then you can begin to apply critical thinking and epistemology. You can examine what you know, how you came to this knowledge and determine if it holds up to scrutiny.

History is filled with things that were taught as fact and only later, in light of new information were they truly understood. Schools were established and volumes of tomes were written about the four humors and bloodletting, for example. The trailer for the book, You are Now Less Dumb, (which I highly recommend) explains this idea really well with a story about the "logical conclusion" that geese grow on trees and how it was believed and taught for 600 years. It illustrates that scrutinizing what we "know", the same way that we would scrutinize a statement contradictory to one we currently hold, is the best way to avoid getting caught in confirmation bias.

You are Now Less Dumb

Applying this to PEV Sales

The confirmation bias is one of the primary reasons that EV myths such as The long Tailpipe, or the inconvenients of recharge times, EM fields, fire danger, or range anxiety continue to linger long after exhaustive well-to-wheel and similar usage studies have been conducted. Cherry-picking data and anecdotal stories allows these myths to be repeated.

The fictional character Frank Underwood from House of Cards said "There’s no better way to overpower a trickle of doubt than with a flood of naked truth." I am going to disagree with Frank (and hope he does not push me in front of a train for it). The confirmation bias will allow this flood of naked truth to be ignored, discredited, and/or dismissed. In our case, I think the best way to overcome doubt is with a personal experience or "The Tesla Effect".

The Tesla Effect in physics is using induction to transmit information over great distances. Within the EV community it means something else. Put an EV-skeptic behind the wheel of a Tesla Roadster or Model S and let them experience the responsiveness, the power, the smooth acceleration. It feels like flying. This gives a new conclusion as their starting point.

Remember that the confirmation bias starts with a feeling, a conclusion, and then it puts our rational mind to work blustering it; seeking confirmation. "I like this, therefore it must be a good thing." This positive experience has a halo effect on all other aspects of the EV experience.

E.g., "EVs are just golf carts that take too long to charge," can turn into "I can rip down the road with no pollution and no gas bill. Who cares about recharge time. The car is sitting in the garage all night anyway."

This method is much simpler than asking someone to "study epistemology, reexamine all your assumptions, apply critical thinking, and then reason up from first principles." As rational as that request may sound, it is unreasonable and completely ignores the emotional core of our being that drives most of our decision making.

This is why it is important to get people behind the wheel of an EV. The EV grin really works. And it does not have to be a Tesla (although they are particularly persuasive). The Fiat 500e, Chevy Spark, smart electric drive, BMW i3, VW eGolf, Nissan Leaf, or the Chevy Volt are all great plug-in cars that are fun to drive. They all hop off the line quickly and have good 0-40 MPH times. There are many skeptics turned owners out there.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oregon EV News of the Week 2014 Sept 17

Your weekly digest of Oregon Electric Vehicle news, events, &
multimedia. Feel free to forward it. To get on (or off) the mailing 
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Top Stories =================================================
National Drive Electric Week has STARTED!
o Test drive Mercedes-Benz, B-Class, BMW i3, Smart ED, & Fiat 500e at 
   the Wilsonville NDEW Event (+free milkshakes) http://buff.ly/XcI8Eu 
o Corvallis event will have ride & drives in the canopy-covered area of 
   Citizens Bank http://buff.ly/1uDPyh7 
o NDEW Portland: See PSU's Electric Avenue, the Portland Farmers' Market, 
   & EVs (+free cake) http://buff.ly/1wo32wT 

Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================
o The Battery Show, September 16-18, 2014 Novi, Michigan http://buff.ly/1cqo3M4 
o National Drive Electric Week Lincoln City, Sept 13 http://buff.ly/1o811j1 
o National Drive Electric Week Eugene, Sept 14 http://buff.ly/1o80kq5 
o National Drive Electric Week: Portland, Sept 20th http://buff.ly/WCH1hg 
o National Drive Electric Week Pasco, Sept 20 http://buff.ly/1o81txS 
o National Drive Electric Week Wilsonville, Sept 20 http://buff.ly/1oNXDZY 
o Peoples' Climate March Portland, Sept 21 http://buff.ly/XcPBTY 
o Driving on Sunshine: Opportunities for EVs w/ Solar Power, Sept 23 http://buff.ly/1rDyUzj 
o Nadaka Park Cleanup & Community Fest - We'll be there! Sept 27 http://buff.ly/1tqOETE 

Northwest EV News ==========================================
o Shorepower offers 10 hrs free charging time September 18-20 http://pic.twitter.com/sLIrJ2nco9
o Move over Segway http://buff.ly/1uEx6Ef 
o Want a gig for Electric Car magazine? http://buff.ly/1uAGlGr 
o Oregon startup Arcimoto nearing production http://buff.ly/1m659ox 
o Drive an EV for Less Than Your Gas Bill http://buff.ly/1scWrl0 
o Why Electric Vehicles Have a Bright Future as Cop Cars http://buff.ly/1uyTO1D 
o Shorepower Charging Station Network Now to Appear in OpConnect iPhone App http://buff.ly/1q5ZfPk 
o Batteries Included - Squeegee, Not So Much http://buff.ly/1q2KnAZ 
o Brammo Empulse RR Beats Twins in AHRMA Showdown http://buff.ly/YGvBdX 
o Weapon of Mass Acceleration http://buff.ly/1oDuPEw 
o 1,500 Mile Road Trip Completed http://buff.ly/1q0F3y8 
o West Coast Leads Surge in Electric Cars http://buff.ly/1usPu3U 
o Status Quo Bias: Mental "Glitches" Slowing EV Sales (part 2) http://buff.ly/1ovzHeK 
o World's 1st International EV Museum Opens http://buff.ly/1xGRB7Y 
o Translogic comes to Portland to check out the Works Electric Rover and Custom Chopper (video) http://buff.ly/WDNUi8 
o Electric Vehicles Rev Up at Southern Oregon Electric & Hybrid Car Show  http://buff.ly/YtAEhV 

Photos & Videos ============================================
o National Drive Electric Week local news coverage - YouTube http://buff.ly/XcFmz0 
o At PDX Maker Faire http://pic.twitter.com/urlQwl0q00
o Tesla Coil Ion Propulsion Demonstration - YouTube http://buff.ly/1y4pAaH 
o Electric powered water fun at PDX Maker Faire http://pic.twitter.com/bbO5ZKlVCG
o Electric Works Scooter at the Makers Faire at OMSI - YouTube http://buff.ly/1nWfMG3 
o Homemade BMWs i3 range extender (almost) - YouTube http://buff.ly/WZbfLi 
o Traveling Oregon in a 2013 Leaf. Newport from Salem. Photo by Jeff Koupal http://pic.twitter.com/uQmSiVc594
o Solar EV meet "T-Rex 2U" Hummer. Of course, the Hummer was idling. http://pic.twitter.com/qz10OJtl0j
o Formula E. Nico Prost and Nick Heidfeld HUGE CRASH - YouTube http://buff.ly/1s01xkv 
o 1st all electric Formula E race in Beijing - YouTube http://buff.ly/1tNr6r0 
o FACT: You can save up to 80% on your fuel by switching from a gas car to an electric car http://pic.twitter.com/v2lhLGNqZ9
o How Big Is The Tesla Gigafactory? http://pic.twitter.com/8ZndoavrCi
o video: Are Brammo Electric Motorcycles Setting the Future for Motorcycling?  http://buff.ly/1lZ5sS8 
o 3D-Printed Electric Car by Local Motors - YouTube http://buff.ly/1uGMYFh 
o Umpqua Lighthouse Campground in Oregon via Zero Emission Road Trip http://pic.twitter.com/RgieNbK7gL

Other EV News of Note =======================================
o 2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 Plug-In Hybrid: First Drive http://buff.ly/1tXWSWd 
o Inaugural Formula E Race Proves Electric Car Racing Is Anything But Boring http://buff.ly/1tXKkOu 
o Voice of Bart Simpson Wants You to Check Out Electric Cars http://pic.twitter.com/axxH8dpTCl
o New US DOE coloring book to help children learn about renewable energy & EVs http://pic.twitter.com/EyLQCBLmIv
o 2015 Kia Soul EV Gets Official EPA Range Rating Of 93 Miles http://buff.ly/1xYn8T4 
o Woman Builds Worlds Fastest Electric Motorcycle| http://buff.ly/1xYlhxy 
o Tesla's Musk Named Number 1 Disruptor http://buff.ly/ZiNHmh 
o Edmunds Plug-In Vehicle Roundup http://buff.ly/X4GGEm 
o Mercedes-Benz B-Class review: A great compact crossover that Americans (mostly) can’t buy http://buff.ly/1pUV48H 
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Lincoln City National Drive Electric Week Celebration

Guest post by Debbie Jimmerson, the City Captain of National Drive Electric Week in Lincoln City, OR

Our Lincoln City National Drive Electric Week celebration was held on Saturday, September 13.  We were fortunate to be part of the Cruisin’ the Bay Car Show, held annually at the Bay House Restaurant parking lot. On a beautiful day at the central Oregon coast with whales spouting offshore, eight shiny EVs and PHEVs were on display: 

            Bill B., Salem & Otter Crest OR          Chevy Spark Electric
            Gary G., Hillsboro OR                         Tesla Model S
            Debbie & Patrick J., Lincoln Beach OR    Two Nissan LEAFs
Wally K., Lincoln City OR                      Smart Electric Drive
Chris M., Vancouver WA                         Ford Fusion Energi
Stephen O. & Lea S., Olympia WA         Tesla Model S
Jaime & Chuck W., Castle Rock WA &   Chevy Volt 
   Lincoln Beach OR                                                    

 Chevy Spark Electric and Smart Electric Drive
Spectators were treated to an outstanding variety of cars to see. For an organizer starting with our own two LEAFs and hoping to just put a little something together for NDEW, the participant response was awe-inspiring. Owners were articulate, well informed, excited about their cars, and enthusiastic ambassadors.  Each car received considerable attention.  We had informative posters acknowledging national NDEW sponsors and local contributors, highlighting the charging network in Oregon, and Gary brought a large poster from Oregon Electric VehicleAssociation showcasing different models of EVs. 

Drives and rides were done by Stephen in a Tesla Model S and Patrick in a Nissan LEAF. Twenty-two people took advantage of the drive and rides, looping on Hwy. 101 from the event south to Salishan, north to Lincoln City, and back to the event. For future events, we need bold signage to call attention to the drive and rides. Another hurdle was that some people thought we were dealers. We need to better convey that we’re private owners wanting to share our enthusiasm for the cars with no sales pitch involved. For those who did the drive and rides, typical comments heard afterward were, “Wow!” and “Now I know what my next car will be!”.

Gary answers questions about his Tesla Model S.  Chevy Volt and Ford Fusion Energi in
background.  Drive and rides ready to go on right--Nissan LEAF and Tesla Model S.

The classic car part of the show had 95 cars on display. Hundreds of spectators were present. Our NDEW group was adjacent to and facing busy Hwy. 101, so visibility could not have been better. A few EV owners driving by even doubled back to stop in and say hello. Problematic with this setup are limited space and the display cars are preregistered, so EVs happening by could not just pull in and join the group. 

The car show organizers liked the use of car window flags on the EVs.  Each car had at least one “Drive Electric” flag, with the 2011 LEAF and the Smart Electric Drive car flying two. The American-made cars flew an American flag in their other window. We needed more breeze for our display car flags to really be perfect, but they were outstanding as the drive and ride cars sailed by.  Car flags were sent home with owners for future use. 

The icing on the cake was when Stephen and Lea’s Tesla Model S won the Cruisin’ the Bay Car Show’s Best in Class Post-1990’s award:

                                          Lea and Stephen traveled 205 miles from Olympia, WA.

Our car owners were each given a gift bag with National Drive Electric Week items courtesy of Nissan. Having those items available as thank you gifts was essential for our small event. Renee at Nissan went above and beyond to make delivery happen, with UPS even showing up at the event!  Owners also received beautiful glass floats created by Bob Meyer from Ocean Beaches Glassblowing as his show of support for National Drive Electric Week. Bob is a Nissan LEAF driver and provides a L2 charging station at his shop in Seal Rock for EV drivers. We also appreciated the unflagging support and encouragement of Chris Chandler and Central Lincoln PUD (7.3 cents/kWh).

Overall, our event was an electrifying success thanks to an exceptional group of EV owners. This organizer found that the national team members and the resources provided by National Drive Electric Week, Plug In America, Sierra Club, and Electric Auto Association were very helpful as well as the city captains blog where we could trade ideas on the national level.

As a first-time organizer in a less populated area, we benefited greatly from collaborating with an established and popular show such as this. An NDEW event would have happened anyway, but it would not have been nearly as grand if the Cruisin’ the Bay Car Show had not welcomed us in. We were invited to participate in their planning meetings, included in their promos, and chief organizer Scott Arehart kept me informed every step of the way. They gave us a prime and highly visible space. I did not have to worry about permits, publicity, people to attend, or porta-potties.
The announcer said at the show that the EVs were the wave of the future and the motto of this car show is all are welcome. We certainly felt that way. They also said the National Drive Electric Week celebration added a great dimension to their show. Hopefully, we can continue the collaboration. Who knows if the stars will align to recreate the same magic we had this year? The bar’s been set very high, but we can certainly try!

Debbie Jimmerson, City Captain
Lincoln City, OR
National Drive Electric Week