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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Oregon EV News of the Week 2014 Sept 9

Your weekly digest of Oregon Electric Vehicle news, events, &
multimedia. Feel free to forward it. To get on (or off) the mailing 
list, just email me: patrick (at) oeva (dot) org.

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Top Stories =================================================
National Drive Electric Week events start next week. There are Oregon events
in Lincoln City, Eugene, Wilsonville, & Portland (& Pasco, Wa).

Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================
o We'll Be There: Cruisin' The Bay Car Show at Lincoln City, Sept 13 http://pic.twitter.com/N80zZG2pI7
o The Battery Show, September 16-18, 2014 Novi, Michigan http://buff.ly/1cqo3M4 
o National Drive Electric Week Lincoln City, Sept 13 http://buff.ly/1o811j1 
o National Drive Electric Week Eugene, Sept 14 http://buff.ly/1o80kq5 
o National Drive Electric Week: Portland, Sept 20th http://buff.ly/WCH1hg 
o National Drive Electric Week Pasco, Sept 20 http://buff.ly/1o81txS 
o National Drive Electric Week Wilsonville, Sept 20 http://buff.ly/1oNXDZY 
o Driving on Sunshine: Opportunities for EVs w/ Solar Power, Sept 23 http://buff.ly/1rDyUzj 
o Nadaka Park Cleanup & Community Fest - We'll be there! Sept 27 http://buff.ly/1tqOETE 

Northwest EV News ==========================================
o Oregon company helps big rigs plug-in & save money instead of idling  http://buff.ly/WAV5HR 
o Oregon to Subsidize Electric Car Charging Stations For State Workers http://buff.ly/1ojxWkM 
o The Zero Emission Road Trip completes their 1st pass through Oregon http://buff.ly/1urkVKS 
o Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley on the Brammo Empulse R http://pic.twitter.com/EmuzTOLQjx
o Oregon Wave Energy Device Tested http://buff.ly/1qv399h 
o Bike Beyond What is Humanly Possible w/ EcoSpeed Electric Boost — Kickstarter http://buff.ly/1quZsAm 
o 1,500-Mile Nissan LEAF Zero-Emission Road Trip - Progress Update 1 http://buff.ly/1qjlIxs 
o Oregon Alternative Fuel Vehicle State Tax Credit Certificate Auction, Oct 13th http://buff.ly/1pu36VX 
o Schneider EVSE Discount at Home Depot http://buff.ly/1qrjAmR 
o Brammo's latest patent filings Unveiled http://buff.ly/1vQ8Q4I 
o Oregon One of Only Five States For '15 Kia Soul EV Launch http://buff.ly/1nZduFA 
o Follow Tyrel & Trish's Zero-Emission Road Trip Through Oregon http://buff.ly/1x83ovJ 

Photos & Videos ============================================
o Pine Meadows in Cottage Grove, OR: 1,500 Mile Road Trip http://pic.twitter.com/ejth9k8Wne
o The new quick charger in Woodburn, OR is next to a new 200 panel solar array! http://buff.ly/1pFXeyU  http://pic.twitter.com/ObA39LRtzU
o Sustainable electric-assist delivery in Portland http://pic.twitter.com/AvnIVkUAXq
o Brammo Empulse vs. Tesla Model S at Laguna Seca Raceway - YouTube http://buff.ly/1qmbuMO 

o Tesla Model S w/ Electroluminescent Coating - vimeo http://buff.ly/1urJesb 
o The "long tailpipe" is shrinking! EVs get greener every year. http://pic.twitter.com/RnC2bFgFmW
o Elon Musk speaks about the choice of Nevada for the Tesla Gigafactory - YouTube http://buff.ly/1tBURPc 
o Let's Take A Look checks out the Chevy Volt - YouTube http://buff.ly/1xo2coc 
o Formula E - the story so far - Sept 13th is coming - YouTube http://buff.ly/1qz9Ln7 

Other EV News of Note =======================================
o Why Tesla Has The Most Loyal Customers  http://buff.ly/1lLZJ1E  
o DIY JuiceBox EVSE - High-Power Level 2 EV Charging Station for $179 http://buff.ly/1qycPQk 
o GM CEO tells CNBC "In the next 5-10 years, we'll see more change in this industry then we did in the last 30."
o Nissan LEAF Is Making Rivals Green w/ Envy http://buff.ly/1w1zE25 
o Charging Station Market To Grow by 33% Annually Through 2018 http://buff.ly/1qvTCyJ 
o ABB & Greenlots partner w/ Kia for DC fast charger rollout http://buff.ly/1qtDgXe 
o Electric motorcycle rider win 1st in Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge http://buff.ly/1qs4u0A 
o Nissan LEAF Sets All Time EV Sales Record For August In US http://buff.ly/1w7oiqL 
o Chevrolet Volt Crosses 2,500 Sales In US For First Time This Year http://buff.ly/1qpaBmc 
o Big Summer Story You Missed: Soaring Oil Debt http://buff.ly/1pplDTr 
o BC couple move because of landlord will not let them plug in EV - one of them is blind http://buff.ly/1vO8j3m 
o EVs now a little greener: 100% of all new US energy capacity in July 2014 was renewable http://buff.ly/W801ns 
o $55 million in new federal funding for vehicle R&D, 19 EV projects http://buff.ly/1qmCdZ6 

=D~~~ Live Regeneratively!

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