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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

10 Years of EV Driving (Part 2 - Electric Boogaloo)

Our slow path to a 100% EV household.

In part 1, we were snubbed when trying to get an EV1. Instead, our journey began with a Prius in 1999. This was not EV-driving, but the occasional electric propulsion of the hybrid system teased at what could be.

I bought a book about building/converting your own electric car. Over the summer of 2001, I read it and made plans. I was not sure if I wanted to do it and if I did, I'd need help.

This is when I found my local electric car club. I went to one of the meetings and checked out the cars that were there. I even drove a couple. I heard that there was an electric truck that had been converted that was for sale. I went out to meet the owner at his house. Only later did I learn that the owner, John Wayland, was a legend in the EV community.

The White Zombie (because it is back from the dead)
John was (and still is) known for his wickedly quick cars. If you've never heard of the White Zombie, I'll just say it's quicker than a P100D Ludicrous Tesla and here's a 2-minute video if you'd like to know more.

John's truck was a beautiful conversion, but it was short range and I would still need to have a gas car for other trips. I was not living in a place where it would be easy to have three cars. I continued to look at conversion options and into making my own but it was going to be a lot of work for a car that would have short range and heavy lead-acid batteries that would need periodic replacement.

For now, my electric dreams would have to go into hibernation.

On to Part 3


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