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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

9 Reasons EVs are Great in Oregon

West Coast Electric Highway
There are nine major reasons that EVs are a great fit for Oregon. These reasons include population clustering, vast charging infrastructure, abundant clean energy, nearby fun places to travel, a public and private sector that have shared goals, battery-friendly weather, and an optimistic pioneering green minded consumer base.

Nine reasons Oregon is great for EVs:
  • Reason 1: The 100 Mile Corridor - The bulk of Oregon's population is clustered along the northern 100 miles of Interstate 5. This allows most trips within the state to be well within an EV's range.
  • Reason 2: Infrastructure - Oregon was an early mover in EV charging station installations, including DC fast chargers. This infrastructure allows EVs to be used in more than just the half-a-charge radius around their nightly charging location and alleviates fears of being stranded with nowhere to plug-in. 
  • Reason 3: Abundant clean electricity - 85% of Oregon's electricity is renewably generated. The electric utilities here are happy to see EVs on the road that use their product and create an increased demand predominantly at off-peak times. 
  • Reason 4: Staycation destinations - Mt Hood, the Pacific coast, Columbia River Gorge, Forest Park, covered bridge tours in Cottage Grove, cherry blossom tours, scenic river byways, the Oregon Dunes, beer and wine tours and much more are all within the range of an EV in NW Oregon.
  • Reason 5: Pioneering Spirit  - Oregon is known for trailblazing. Adopting the new technology of plug-in transportation is not daunting for the high-tech pioneering folks of Oregon. 
  • Reason 6: Battery-Friendly Weather - A typical year in NW Oregon has very few days that are below freezing and even fewer days that are over 100°F. This makes the region's climate great for maintaining EV battery range and capacity.
  • Reason 7: Economy - Oregon has zero oil wells and zero oil refineries. This means that the bulk of every dollar spent on gasoline here leaves the state. Electricity, on the other hand, is generated locally and fueling money spent on it stay local. More than 300 EV related firms in Oregon have created nearly 1600 jobs in the state.
  • Reason 8: Cooperation - Oregon's business community, state & local governments, environmental community, and utilities all see EVs as a path to a better, more prosperous state. 
  • Reason 9: Eco Ethos - Oregon has more than its fair share of treehuggers. While you don't need to be a granola cruncher to drive an EV, this green enthusiastic base has created a market for eco-friendly cars in the region. 
The unique combination of factors listed above has created a supportive EV-friendly environment in Oregon. Regions that adopt technologies early and create demand attract business clusters. While people in every state are interested in energy efficient products, Oregon's fanaticism has positioned her well to seize EVs.

As Entrepreneur Magazine put it, Oregon is where capitalism meets eco-consciousness. Here it is not a one or the other choice. Eco-friendly products are what a majority of people want and what regional businesses have to provide to be successful.

You may be tempted to pick out one of these as THE reason that EVs are so successful here. I posit to you that it is not any one of these reasons that makes EVs popular in Oregon. It is, in fact, the combination of all of them that has made EVs a great fit for Oregon.



  1. Thanks for listing, very simply, why Oregon and EV's are a great fit. Nice articles. Thank you Patrick.

  2. Thank you for the nice comments.