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Monday, December 9, 2013

81% of Electric Vehicle Charging is Done at Home

81% of Electric Vehicle Charging is Done at Home: "The initial findings from a survey of 3,247 individuals conducted by PlugInsights show that 81 percent of electric vehicle charging occurs at home.  Of course it does.

Further survey findings include:

7% of charging takes place at work
10% of charging occurs at public charging station
The remaining 2% of charging presumably occurs at some unlisted location like, perhaps, Area 57.

These findings would seem to suggest that public and workplace charging aren’t necessary, but we know that not to be true.

At home, public and workplace charging are all essential for the growth of the EV segment.  Even if 99% of charging occurred at home, public and workplace chargers would still be useful and beneficial to the cause of increasing EV adoption."

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