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Sunday, February 10, 2013

EVs only work in California?

After being given a Tesla Model S to test drive, John M Broder drove it until it was empty and then proclaims that EVs must just be a California thing.

Here is the valuable lesson he learned: (News Flash) If you ignore the fuel gauge and all the warnings, and just keep driving, you will eventually hit empty. Wow, this same thing applies to any vehicle with any fuel type! I guess John thought that Tesla had invented a perpetual motion machine.

From the article: “It takes more planning than a typical gasoline car, no way around it."

Au contraire, you plug EVs in at your house, let it charge while you sleep, and for a typical day's drive, you never have to stop anywhere. Would you find it "convenient" to take your cell phone to a filling station periodically? No, of course not. Plugging in at your house and charging overnight is for more convenient and it does not require much planning.

Stalled on the E.V. Highway - NYTimes.com: