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Monday, August 22, 2011

Battery Capacity

My Nissan Leaf Forum • View topic - Range-Speed-Bars Thumb Rule Table (12.5mph best range speed): Battery Capacities:
1. Design Full Capacity - never used, no real way to tell, so not very important in day-to-day use.

2. Allowed Capacity - the part that Nissan allows us to use

3. Wall Capacity - the amount of energy required from the grid/wall/EVSE to charge the battery (maybe 26 kWh)

4. Charging Energy - after the losses in the LEAF's internal charger, the DC energy that is actually delivered to the battery pack (maybe 24.6 kWh, just a guess). The charger's efficiency is not usually as bad as people say.

5. Stored Energy - after modest cell heating and small chemical losses during charging (or Regen), the amount of energy that actually gets stored in the battery (maybe 24 kWh). The charger often gets blamed for this loss.

6. Recovered Energy - the real usable energy, significantly less than the Stored Energy (maybe around 21.4 kWh).

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