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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Revenge of the X

There is a long history of movie titles starting with "Revenge of the ". The Pink Panther had his revenge in 1978. Then the Nerds got theirs in four parts starting in 1984. More recent to this list is The Sith in 2005. For better or worse, revenge can be sweet and (more importantly) it can be an interesting story.

Another Revenge movie is going to be added to this list in the spring of 2011 when "Revenge of the Electric Car" premieres.

Read this next part with your best Don LaFontaine drama voice over: "Ten years ago the electric car was killed. It was stripped away from people that loved it, crushed, and shredded. They thought that was the end. It was not. Now the electric car is back and it's ready to kick some gas!"