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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Tesla Home Products Coming Soon

Tesla already sells several products for homeowners. These include charging connectors, solar panels, solar roof, and Powerwalls. 

I think it's a fair bet that they won't stop there. At the time of this writing, Musk's secret master plan part 3 hasn't been released yet but we've had hints that part of that plan will be to move humanity off fossils fuels. Looking around a home, what fossil-fueled appliances do you see? Furnace, water heater, stove... 

I expect to see Tesla offer all-electric, highly efficient, connected alternatives to these and other products. Tesla offerings could include heat pumps and air filters, leveraging the expertise that Tesla developed for their vehicles. 

Another possible Tesla home product includes a smart circuit breaker box similar to the one from Span. This would integrate very well with a Powerwall allowing precise control over which circuits are active depending on the charge state of the battery and solar activity.

This post is conjecture, so let's push it. Since these will all be smart connected devices what if they had crypto mining capability built-in. Imagine a heat pump or water heater that could capture the heat from a crypto mining rig as it warms your home or water. Tesla could sell "My Home is Heated with Doge" t-shirts and mugs 😀 With all of this integrated into the same Tesla app/ecosystem, you could configure the mining rig to only run when you have surplus solar generation. This removes one of the big objections to cryptocurrencies.

Oh, and we can't forget, eventually, Tesla's most important home product, a domestic robot.

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