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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Musk's Secret Master Plan 33 1/3: The Final Insult

Elon Musk has said that he is working on Tesla's secret master plan 3. All of the Tesla-verse is abuzz with what it may entail. Well, I'll join the peanut gallery and throw in my 2 cents. 

Rather than discussing the first two plans and my rationale... I'll just jump to my guess for SMP3. Here it is:

  • Move the world's economy to sustainable energy (production, consumption, and storage)
  • Rid the world of traffic congestion
  • Create safe, general-purpose AI to expand the economy 
  • Start permanent, sustainable base on Mars 

These are wildly audacious goals, but we have hints from Musk himself that lead me to these guesses. 

  1. The next rev of the secret master plan will include SpaceX and The Boring Company
  2. Main Tesla subjects will be AI and scaling to extreme size, which is needed to shift humanity away from fossil fuels
The guesses we have above include all of these aspects and it would require massive scaling. 

The final bullet on my SMP3 list is a base on Mars. This would utilize all of Musk's companies. Getting there obviously utilizes SpaceX. The base would be underground (dug with TBC boring machines). The base would be powered with solar panels. And finally, much of the work on Mars will (eventually) be done with Tesla Bots. 

As posted here in 2017, Musk's real secret master plan is: 

Develop technologies to establish a sustainable population on Mars

While doing the above, deploy these technologies to make life better on Earth 

Each of the previous plans has been incremental steps towards the Mars plan.  

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