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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Tesla Powerwall Gave Us A Negative Electricity Bill!

Our electricity bill came with a credit. This is a first for us. We've had home solar since 2007 and we've never had a negative electricity bill. 

As you can see above, for this billing cycle, we used net 87 kWh; and yet our bill is negative. There are a few things that allowed this to occur. 

  1. We are not driving our EVs as much with the new work from home program
  2. Springtime is great, we get sunshine, but don't have to run the air conditioning (graph below)
  3. We received a credit for entering our Powerwalls into our local utility's Smart Battery program
This last item on the list is how we were able to receive a credit, yet still some energy use. The 87 kWh is about $4 worth of energy. Along with the $10 connection fee and the various taxes, we owed about $15. Our partial month credit for joining the Smart Battery program was about the same. 

Next month we'll receive the entire $20 credit for the battery program, maybe that bill will be negative too.

Below, you can see as the seasonal sun comes out, our net grid use drops.

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