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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Tesla Model 3 Center Cap Removal on 18" Aero Wheel

When you purchase a Tesla Model 3, you have several choices to make: battery size, paint color, interior... One of those choices is the wheels. Unless you upgrade them, the Model 3 comes with 18" Aero Wheels.

The aero wheels are great if you want to maximize range, but many find them visually unappealing. Luckily, for those that find the aero covers aesthetically-challenged, the aero cover pops off and the wheels underneath are not bad looking. To improve the look even more, you can replace the aero cover with a wheel cap kit. This kit covers the lug nuts and has a Tesla logo center insert. You can see the installed kit in the image below.

Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit 
If you plan on taking a road trip, you might want to put the aero cover back on to improve your range. To install the aero cover, you must first pop the Tesla logo cap out of the center of the wheel. However, many people have found that the center logo cap is not easy to remove. This is good because you want it to be secure as you drive down the road and you wouldn't want someone to walk by in a parking lot and just grab your center cap.

So how do you remove the center cap? You can use a spudger, a screwdriver, or something else to pry the cover out, but this might not be able to squeeze in or it could scratch the wheel or center cap. The smart way to remove the center cap is to use a small suction cup that's designed to replace smartphone screens. These little suction cups are inexpensive and you can find them on eBay and Amazon.

Screen Suction Cup, perfect for removing the wheel center cap
You can see Mark Coughlan from The Tesla Life demonstrating the technique in the video below:

To purchase your own suction cup, click here: Amazon.
If you want the cap kit, click here: Tesla shop.


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