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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Alt Fuels Maps Compared

Energy.gov has a site that shows Alternative fueling stations. If you're interested in alt fuels, it is interesting to browse. For example, let's look at Propane, Hydrogen, & Electric:

Propane (LPG)
DC Fast Charging (CHAdeMO, Tesla, & CCS)
DC fast charging clearly has the most robust network among these three. Hydrogen only seems to be viable if you are in southern California or Silicon Valley and don't plan to take road trips.

The DC Fact charge map is perhaps not a fair map since there is no car out there today that could charge at all three types, so let's split these each out into their own maps.



Tesla Superchargers

The CCS coverage is primarily on the coasts and growing quickly. The CHAdeMO network is similar. It may be similar because many of the charging installations have both CCS and CHAdeMO stations.

The Tesla map has clusters in California and the northeast US, but it also has a spread of periodic stations along the major cross-country corridors. This is what's necessary in order to make long-distance driving liable for all but the most fervent.

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