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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Traveling Oregon in a Tesla - Photo Journal (Part 4 Wildlife Safari)

In part 3 of our Tesla Model X adventure, we visited the Oregon Caves. In this post, we'll travel from Cave Junction to Sutherlin with a stop at the Oregon Wildlife Safari. We left the Caves Chateau before breakfast and headed back to Grants Pass. The Black Bear Diner Supercharger was the hub for our south Oregon travels and this was our 3rd and final stop here. We'd enjoyed eating there on our previous visit a couple days before and were looking forward to eating there again.

After arriving, we plugged in and went into the diner. It was crowded. This was very different from our prior visit. It was Sunday morning and apparently, the entire town of Grants Pass goes out for breakfast on Sundays.

Traveling from Oregon Caves To Sutherlin
in a Tesla Model X
We could not wait since we had scheduled a cheetah encounter for that morning. Just as we were about to leave, our name was called and we were seated. Once we were seated, the service was fast and we were back on the road, on-time, with a full charge.

Tesla Model X at Oregon Wildlife Safari
We arrived at the Wildlife Safari park on-time. The park's in Winston, Oregon; it's over 600 acres that you drive through while the animals wander (mostly) freely.

After seeing the cheetahs, we drove through the park. The giant front window of the Tesla Model X makes it the perfect vehicle for this type of drive-through park.

The safari day was incredible. We fed a giraffe and an elephant, our daughter rode a camel, we drove through the park and walked through the village. It was an experience to be remembered and the enormous window of the Model X made it the perfect vehicle for this adventure.

From here, we went to Sutherlin and checked in. We plugged into the destination charging station, changed in our room, and headed to the pool. Soaking my feet in the hot tub was nice after walking around in the village for several hours.

Our next stop is Part5: Elkton Butterfly Pavilion.

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