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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Traveling Oregon in a Tesla - Photo Journal (Part 3 Oregon Caves)

In part 2 of our electric Oregon tour, we visited Crater Lake and headed back to the motel on the Rogue River. In this phase of our journey, we'll visit the Oregon Caves and travel to Sutherlin, Oregon.

Traveling to the Oregon Caves
At our Rogue River motel, as we did the night before, we plugged into the 120V outlet and charged the car overnight. The next morning we were up early and headed into Grants Pass. As we've done many times before, we plugged in at the Grants Pass Supercharger in the parking lot of the Black Bear Diner. However, this time we went into the restaurant for breakfast.

We've charged here several times, but had never eaten there. The food was good and the fresh squeezed orange juice was some of the best that I've ever had. We have a Black Bear near our home, yet we've never gone there. It was just not a place that we considered. Now that we know they have good breakfast options, we'll be going there when we're home.

Tesla Model X at Black Bear Diner
After breakfast, we set out to for the Oregon Caves. It was a relatively short drive to Cave Junction from Grants Pass. We arrived at the caves with plenty of charge. We scheduled a cave tour and checked into the chateau.

Here are a few photos from our cave tour.

After the cave tour, we took the longer hiking trail back to the visitors' center.

Our timing was great to see the sunset on the Siskiyou Mountains.

After the sunset, bats came out. It was fun to see them flying around the trees with incredible speed.

We stayed the night at the chateau at the caves. Unfortunately, there was nowhere to charge up there. They have a low-tech theme and they even proudly tout that they don't have Wi-Fi with a sign that says, "The best way to connect, is to unplug." While I agree that it is nice to unplug your mind when you are on vacation, I'd still like to plug in my car. But the trip from Grants Pass was not that far, so we had plenty of juice left.

There's a bumper sticker motto in there somewhere "Plug in your car and unplug your mind" ... Maybe not.

The next morning we set off for Sutherlin. Where we were staying there, they have destination charging. This is nice, we'll be able to start the next morning with a full charge.

Our next adventure: Part 4: the Oregon Wildlife Safari.

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