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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Changing Car Culture

There is no doubt that EVs are changing the way that we view and interact with cars. It makes them fun again. EVs are also technology leaders that are bringing connected cars and autonomous driving to market faster than their gas cousins ever would have.

I was recently contacted by Diane Martin, an ethnographer. After looking up the word, I can tell you that ethnography is the scientific study of people, customs, and culture. Diane is studying the cultural impact of EVs. Here is the email she sent me:

Hi Patrick, 
I'm interested in learning about consumers' perspectives and experiences of choosing to buy and own an EV. As a market researcher and ethnographer, I study the relationships between consumers and culture, how each effect the other and what that means for changes in consumption practices. With respect to EVs, I'm theorizing how the automotive culture is changing and the ways these changes impact consumers.   
I often talk to people in their homes and garages or in coffee shops and caf├ęs; meeting at a Starbucks is usually a comfortable place for most people to meet. I'm planning on being in Portland the week of May 9-14, 2016. I'm happy to meet with Tesla and Leaf club members any day that week. Right now I have an open schedule to accommodate member needs. 

If you are interested in meeting with Diane, leave a comment below and I'll PM you her contact information. 

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