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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Workplace EV Charging: The Google Story

ChargePoint and Google had a joint webinar on workplace charging.
Here is the link: Workplace EV Charging: The Google Story

Here are a few of the key-points (several of these are arguable but I'll save that for later).

  • EVs are here to stay (and growing)
  • 200-mile $30,000 vehicles are coming (in 2017) and will boost EV sales
  • Workplace charging increases employee satisfaction and retention
  • ChargePoint does not recommend Level 1 for workplace charging for several reasons
  • Quick Charging (DC Fast Charge) can supplement Level 2 or work with valet parking
  • Charging fees can encourage people to move their cars and improve utilization
  • - One customer had free charging for the first 5 hours, then $10 per hour after that
      This got people to move
  • Charging can be part of a sustainable transportation program (LEED points)
  • Smart/connected stations allows for data collection and real-time availability/use data
  • Currently there are no tax impacts for free charging
  • Trenching costs can be more than the stations depending on where you put them
  • EV driving reduces CO2 (even considering the electricity generation)
  • Have a cord management plan (be safe)
  • ChargePoint is great, we have great stuff, we're awesome...

  • Google wants to be a carbon neutral company
  • Electrification of their fleet, shuttle busses, and supporting employees to do the same is part of this program
  • Workplace charging is a nice company perk if you want to hire good people
  • They started in 2007 with Level 1
  • In 2010 Level 2 was defined, Google started a team to plan for EV charging
  • 5% of parking spots electrified was their 1st target
  • Level 2 allows for multiple charging sessions per day
  • Bring your own EVSE Level 1 was not a positive experience
  • Google wanted connected systems so they t data (Google loves data)
  • When you wire a region, overbuild for future expansion
  • They did install regular (level 1) outlets and RV 240V outlets too that older EVs and scooters could use AND these can be used for events in the lot or mobile command needs
  • These were important for LEED certification too
  • ADA considerations (there are many)
  • Code requirements were different in different cities (copy exact policy did always work)
  • Confirmed that this was not a taxable 1099 benefit
  • Solar helps offset mid-day demand
  • Mobile/temp stations worked in areas they could not modify
  • They have DC fast charge for the fleet (with some employee use)
  • They have about 1900 charging sessions per day
  • They are promoting this with other groups
  • They had 1000% growth in EVs on campus from 2012
  • They are now targeting 10% of parking spaces to be electrified
  • "Move cords, not cars" is current policy. They are installing stations in head-to-head spots
  • Grassroots communities, mailing lists, "swap buddies" help balance out over subscription
  • Growing to 20% of parking spots
  • Looking at smart charging methods to control demand charges... This could become a product

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