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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Toyota's Flawed Fuel cell Math

Toyota: Fuel cell math is right:

Why would he assume that we would only need 15% of the filling stations that we have now for gas? Does that mean I would have to drive 85% farther on average to fill up? And have far fewer choices (and price competition)? That does not sound like a good policy. That sounds like a patchwork solution because doing it right is expensive. So sorry Toyota, the math does not work. At least not in the US. Maybe in Japan where 2 or 3 stations can give you the range to cover the entire island, but not here. The US us a big place and we like convenience and options. A sparse refueling network like Tesla's Superchargers works because it is supplemented with home charging. So EV fast charger are generally only used for road-trips. Fuel cells have no such home support system. Again, the math does not work for fuel cells!

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