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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Volt as Political Pawn

There are congressional hearings tomorrow, Wednesday (1/25/2012), about the Chevrolet Volt. The Volt was recently cleared of its fire issue by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). That doesn’t mean General Motors’ problems with the US government are over.

Congressman Darryl Issa, R-California, is contending that the NHTSA tried to cover up the fire. The same fire that has miles and miles of press written about it.

When waste and government spending are being harshly scrutinized, this is not the time to be playing election year partisan politics and wasting taxpayer dollars. If there had been Volt fires on the road, if people had been killed, injured, or harmed in any way, I would support a full investigation. Instead these were “lab events”. There are over 200,000 gasoline fires each year, these are far more worthy of congressional investigation.

Further pursuit of them is a waste of time and (my) tax payer money. Issa has been a sharp critic of GM. His facebook page recently posted a New York Post article titled “GM’s flop in green” that called the Volt “one part lemon, one part taxpayer albatross”.

I encourage you to make your opinions known by contacting him and your local Congress person.

Issa's Office:

Here are some statements that have been left on his site:
The Chevy Volt is an investment in the energy and economic security of our country. Every electric mile driven in America equates to less government money wasted on oil subsidies and imports. We need to encourage automakers to continue the tradition of American innovation for the future of our country. The Volt drivers of America encourage you to drop the Volt investigation today. We encourage you to be a leader for American innovation and prosperity.
What on earth can anyone gain by flogging a manufacturer over a media conflagration that was obviously overblown at the outset? The NHTSA was only able to destroy two batteries, after several attempts, enough to cause a fire days or weeks later. A gas vehicle would explode instantly in the same circumstance. Once the test established that any surviving passengers could be extracted before a fire or explosion I would say any remaining investigation is only allegory. We have over 200,000 car fires each year that kill hundreds of victims. I want my kids to drive a car that gives them a better chance to live through an accident. Don't you?
Let your voice be heard.

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