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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Towing Company Uses Electric Vehicle for Some Calls

In Madison Wi, you can get roadside assistance for your electric vehicle from an electric vehicle. Schmidt’s Auto has launched a new class of service vehicle in 2009, a battery operated light duty truck. They call her “Sparky”. Sparky operates in and around the downtown area providing service to AAA and other motor clubs customers. Appropriately, Sparky is there if a gas car has battery issues and she can help with lock-outs or tire changes. 

“We’re very excited about this move by Schmidt’s”, said Nancy Jackman, Director of Automotive Services for AAA Wisconsin. "AAA has been encouraging our contractors to migrate to light service vehicles for both economic and environmental reasons, and Schmidt's Towing has taken this strategy to the next level. AAA congratulates Schmidt's on going green!”

Electric vehicle costs of operation are much lower. With today's fuel prices Schmidt’s Auto has found a way to keep services affordable. “If we can save some money on the front end by introducing a lower cost vehicle, we can keep our pricing stable and avoid adding price increases such as fuel surcharges. At the same time we were looking at an environmentally friendly vehicle,” John says.

“For Schmidt’s, Sparky works because of its size and range. Every step we take on reducing our carbon footprint and decreasing our dependency on foreign oil is a step in the right direction” said Lucy Zweep of Ozee Cars, the local dealer where Schmidt’s purchased the vehicle.

“As the economy continues to provide challenges and the need exist for us all to review ways to protect our environment, Schmidt’s is happy to do their part. Currently, we recycle thousand of vehicles each year, we market used and rebuilt parts, and now with our battery operated vehicle we feel good about our contributions thus far” said co-owner Mike Schmidt.

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