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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Charging Station Sharing

In most places, there are few if any charging stations. Plug-in cars like the Leaf and Volt are currently rolling off of assembly lines and into the hands of owners. Inevitably, there will be a case where you want to plug in your vehicle, but someone else is already there. If you really need to charge, is it OK to unplug them? If they have the charging protocol card, then at a glance you know how long they need to charge. If you need them to move their car for access, there might even be a contact phone number.

EV drivers are part of a community. A community that is working together to make the world a little bit better. You can be part of that community by sharing the limited infrastructure that we currently have. The card below helps to facilitate charging station sharing. If you drive a plug-in vehicle, print this out, grab a paperclip to mark the time and drop it on your dash when you are charging in public.


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