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Monday, June 27, 2011

My Nissan Leaf Forum • Adapters for Ingineer's L1 to L2 EVSE mod NOW AVAILABLE

My Nissan Leaf Forum • View topic - Adapters for Ingineer's L1 to L2 EVSE mod NOW AVAILABLE: "For those of you who are familiar with Ingineer's Nissan L1 to L2 EVSE mod (discussed in this thread), you are no doubt interested adapters like those discussed in this thread. As I mentioned in that thread, my brother has picked up the gauntlet and is willing to make them for us. We're going to try and keep this simple so we're not making a full time business out of this. Please bear with us and be sure to read the threads listed above first so you know what you're asking for up front...

The following adapters are available for sale:

A5*: $50, fits NEMA 5-15 & 5-20 (120v - household)
A6**: $60, fits NEMA 6-30 & 6-50 (240v - industrial parks, welders, hotel A/C units, etc.)
A10: $60, fits NEMA 10-30 & 10-50 (240v - 'old style' appliances)
A14: $60, fits NEMA 14-30, 14-50 & 14-60 (240v - 'new style' appliances, campground, rv parks, etc.)
ACS: $90***, fits CS6365 (240v - public parks, stadiums, heavy duty portable generators, etc.)"

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