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Sunday, July 17, 2022

Air Quality

As recently noted, summer is here. This is great for solar production but, sadly, it can also mean wildfires and poor air quality. Fires have become an annual occurrence on the west coast of the US. The only question is how bad are they going to be this year. 

Since this looks like this will be an annual occurrence, we're taking some action to do what we can to protect the air quality in our home. We bought several HEPA air filters and air-quality monitors.

The air filters that we bought are large room tower "4-in-1" models. This model has a HEPA filter with activated carbon and an air quality monitor, plus it has a UV light and an Ionizer. The built-in air monitor is a nice feature because if you set it to Auto, it will automatically adjust the speed based on the air quality. This means it is usually slow (and quiet) but, when needed, it will turn up the speed and push more air through the filtration system. 

Air Filter    

I've tested the air quality monitor feature of the filter by standing near it when, um, "answering the call of the wild burrito." Sure enough, it kicks into high gear for a few seconds. Although be warned, no air filter can remove these gases.   

This unit has an ionizer, but we are leaving that feature turned off since ionizers can cause throat irritation and other problems, especially when used in enclosed spaces.

The second item that I added to our home was a simple air quality monitor. There are a lot of air quality meters. You can get units that collect logs that you can download, there are units with graphs, some with apps, ... I opted for none of these features. 
Air Quality Monitor

Below are affiliate links for the products that I'm using: 

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