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Saturday, May 8, 2021

April 2021 Net Zero (plus a little)

We had our first net positive day of the year in March, now we've had our first net positive month. In April, our home electricity use was net zero. We used 1623 kWh and we generated 1652 kWh. 

This is with 2 electric cars, a little air conditioner usage (unusual in April), and all of the usual home appliance loads. 

Looking at the chart, you can see that solar production and energy use were pretty evenly matched throughout the month. 

The green chunk at the bottom is the three Powerwalls we had installed on the last day of 2020. About 25% of solar goes through them. This allows us to use solar at peak times even if the sun is not shining then. In fact, if the sun is shining then (which it usually is), we are able to feed the grid that solar during peak hours. That means we're net negative when the grid needs it most (and when it saves us the most money). 

Here's to many many more net negative months in the future.

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