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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Battery Delayed

Just two days ago, I posted a story about Model 3 estimated delivery dates for the Standard Range battery and Dual Motor versions of the car coming soon.

Things are always dynamic with Tesla. Today, I and many other reservation holders received notice that delivery estimates are being recalculated and in most cases delayed. Here is my current recalculated estimate:

There are a few things in this estimate to note:
  1. The First Production delivery window has changed from 4 weeks to 3-6 weeks. This seems like a good, minor clarification. 
  2. Standard Battery vehicle has changed from Early 2018 to Late 2018. That is a big change for people waiting for the most affordable version of this car.
  3. Dual Motor has changed from July - Sept '18 to Mid 2018. This is not much of a change. But it does mean that the dual motor version of the car will be available before the $35k version of the car. That is a change, but not a surprising one. Tesla has a history of making it a priority to manufacture and deliver the high-revenue versions of their vehicles before the lower margin variants. They are a for-profit business, so it makes sense to sell the more expensive vehicles sooner if they can.
These estimates could continue to shift around depending on how the testing goes for these variants of the car. If they move significantly, I'll share it here.


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