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Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Galileo Russell is the host of the HyperChange TV YouTube channel. Galileo is a young visionary.

On his channel, he covers how new tech will change the world for his generation. The sharing economy, everything as a service, blockchain tech that allows trust on the internet in ways that have never existed before and how you can participate and invest in this new future.

He breaks down company strategies to see how they square up to in this the quickly coming future.

His Moonshot Monday videos are radical ideas that could change the landscape for the target companies. For example, he discussed Amazon buying a grocery chain long before Amazon's Whole Foods purchase. Now he's advocating for them to install rooftop gardens on all their stories to sell the freshest possible fruits and vegetables. With drone delivery, you could have fresh-picked produce at your door just minutes after it was picked from the garden. Is it practical today? Maybe not, but it's a great example of his out-of-the-box thinking.

One of his favorite companies to discuss is Tesla. He's been covering them since 2012 and recommended the stock when it was priced at $29. He is a fan and gives astute breakdowns of Tesla news and the company's future direction.

Other stocks he frequently covers includes NetFlix and Chipotle. He also covers cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as investing basics education.

His latest project is a "scheme of conscience" book, titled after his channel. The book has minimal structure and, as the title suggests, is a conversational stream of consciousness. If you'd like a raw look into the mind of a young excited visionary that sees a whole new world coming for his generation, I suggest you give this a read.

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