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Friday, March 20, 2015

Plug in Folly - An In Depth History of the Electric Car - YouTube

Plug in Folly - An In Depth History of the Electric Car - YouTube:

To: The Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions
Re: Your video "Plug in Folly - An In Depth History of the Electric Car"

Why do you ignore renewable energy? Wind and solar are being installed at record rates. Plug-in cars continue to improve every year as the grid greens. Gas, on the other hand, gets worse each year as light sweet crude is depleted and shale and other heavy sources are used that need more energy to refine. Even you admit that plug-in cars are already marginally better. How much bigger will that margin be in 2025?

Why do you ignore national security? Electricity (even coal) is locally sourced in our own country. We don't have to guard the Strait of Hormuz or send troop into harms way to power cars with electricity.

Why do you ignore the cost per mile to drive? Electricity is equivalent to about $1 per gallon gasoline. This means a lot of savings for the average household. This money allows people to have a savings and some of that is spent locally, thereby improving the local economy.

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