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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oregon DEQ Cash for Clunkers Diesel Truck Program

From the Oregon DEQ:

The EPA is currently soliciting interest in grant funded projects to improve air quality from diesel engines at select ports across the country. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, in collaboration with the Port of Portland and the Oregon Trucking Associations, are preparing a request for funding and are especially interested in recruiting heavy duty truck owners who carry cargo in and out of port, railyard and other intermodal facilities in the Portland, Oregon area.

EPA funding is available to cover half the cost of the purchase of 2011 and newer model year trucks, providing a truck between 1991 to 2006 is scrapped. If you are interested in possibly being part of this project, please contact Kevin Downing at DEQ, downing.kevin@deq.state.or.us, 503.229.6549 or Ruth Kinney at the Oregon Trucking Associations, ruth@ortrucking.org, 503.513.0005.

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