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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Oregon EV News of the Week 2014 May 13

Your weekly digest of Oregon Electric Vehicle news, events, and
multimedia. Feel free to forward it. To get on (or off) the mailing 
list, just email me: patrick at oeva.org.

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Top Stories ================================================
o We'll be in the 107th Florence Rhododendron Festival Parade on May 18th

Upcoming Oregon EVents =====================================
o Oregon Department of Energy public session for Alt Vehicles, May 15th http://buff.ly/QXBVtl 
o EV Ownership: Expert Conversations  - May 18, 2014 http://buff.ly/1rNTebB 
o Oregon EV Fest 2014, July 5th at Pioneer Courthouse Square http://buff.ly/1gHfXFO 
o Tesla Motors Club's Connect 2014, 2nd annual users’ conference, July 18 http://buff.ly/1geHPSf 
o Energize Oregon Coalition Meeting, July 23 http://buff.ly/1gRJTuU 
o EV Roadmap 7: Making Connections, July 24 http://buff.ly/1eqxd2j 
o The 3rd annual BC2BC All Electric Vehicle Rally scheduled to start August 10, 2014http://buff.ly/1aWgQoK 
o Route 66 International Festival - EVs wanted, Aug 14 http://buff.ly/1ggx9Cs 
o National Plug In Day Is Now National Drive Electric Week - Coming This Septemberhttp://buff.ly/1nTY9dC 
o The Battery Show, September 16-18, 2014 Novi, Michigan http://buff.ly/1cqo3M4 

Northwest EV News of Note ===================================
o Oregon's West Coast Electric Highway is winning awards (again)! http://buff.ly/1l1FiIK 
o Blink DC Fast Charger Get Upgraded CHAdeMO Connector http://buff.ly/1ofzZKO 
o California Modeling Vehicle Mileage Tax After on Oregon's Program http://buff.ly/1noZFBT 
o Gresham Ford is excited about the Fusion Energi "bi-fuel" PHEV http://buff.ly/1jBlgGQ 

Photos & Videos ============================================
o Chevy Spark EV in Portland Ore http://pic.twitter.com/ilWEUCADx7
o A cartoonist's review of the Tesla Model S - The Oatmeal http://buff.ly/1jE5hIG 
o 8 States Aim For Zero-Emission Vehicle Goal - YouTube http://buff.ly/1nwuBjK 
o Solar-powered EV has less lifetime CO2 than 90 MPG gas-powered car http://pic.twitter.com/EMa2mDdIYm
o Photo-Blog: New York Auto Show 2014 http://buff.ly/1grS0hd 
o 2014 Nissan LEAF Portland OR Beaverton, OR #94242 - YouTube http://buff.ly/1nlPYH4 
o video: Volkswagen CEO: EVs small but growing market; H2 still a long way offhttp://buff.ly/1jBnbel 
o Kick Gas is an EV adventure film of epic proportions [w/video] http://buff.ly/1fSptH2 
o Why Formula E Matters: There are more sports fans than environmentalists http://buff.ly/1kNB3Aq 
o Spring Tulips, Woodburn, Oregon http://pic.twitter.com/zbvVZ0pd0p
o smart fortwo electric drive for life on Earth - YouTube http://buff.ly/1sfDT3K 
o Neil deGrasse Tyson on solar fuel http://pic.twitter.com/eNxqa4gVD8
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot http://pic.twitter.com/Q7NG6xBohm
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot #TeslaModelS #SemaConnect http://pic.twitter.com/4yQhKQ6jg4
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot #NissanLeaf http://pic.twitter.com/wlY1AYbX3I
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot #ClipperCreek #PriusPlugIn http://pic.twitter.com/yHwRaGj22u
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot #ChevyVolt #Solar http://pic.twitter.com/8YmAAeTzX2
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot #ChevyVolt http://pic.twitter.com/4xI81iFECS
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot #NissanLeaf http://pic.twitter.com/bkrcp897O6
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot http://pic.twitter.com/cSxEzqcN4z
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot #TeslaModelS http://pic.twitter.com/7gJrA8Ojnl
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot #HondaFitEV http://pic.twitter.com/e2cyz5sYlf
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot #NissanLeaf http://pic.twitter.com/y8HoGQGUgg
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot http://pic.twitter.com/cxIpbvsC9O
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot #TeslaModelS http://pic.twitter.com/g16P03j0Fg
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot #SparkEV http://pic.twitter.com/8KqTprbTD5
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot #NissanLeaf http://pic.twitter.com/wqZqQX2fol
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot #NissanLeaf http://pic.twitter.com/yr5guqMG4I
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot http://pic.twitter.com/oosfaqMExv
o Plug & Pinot EV Rides Event #PlugAndPinot http://pic.twitter.com/QLecFJjUsN

Other EV News of Note =======================================
o Next-Gen Tesla Won't Be Called 'Model E' After All http://buff.ly/RCGXf3 
o The City of Portland steps up to the Workplace Charging Challenge http://buff.ly/1jmdGLy 
o Electric  Infiniti coming in 2016 http://pic.twitter.com/aUdUWN7Rhm
o Tesla, SolarCity, And The Birth Of The Lithium-Based Economy http://buff.ly/1miRpE4 
o Limited supply guarantees 2015 Kia Soul EV will be a rare sight on the road http://buff.ly/RHKgSk 
o Study finds EV owners that can charge at home & at work do both http://buff.ly/1nDxGPc http://pic.twitter.com/Aezh3WI8da
o EVs prove to be highly reliable http://buff.ly/1ojP9yt 
o Electric Aircraft Are On The Way, Stylish E-FAN Makes First Flight http://buff.ly/1mO5yra 
o Is Electricity A Clean Transportation Energy Source? http://buff.ly/1sfFW87 
o Tesla Sales On Target, Gigafactory Groundbreaking Next Month: FINAL UPDATEhttp://buff.ly/1mO4Kme 
o Chrysler announces plug-in hybrid minivan for 2016 http://buff.ly/1mO5iIH 
o The case for grid-connected electric vehicles http://buff.ly/1scjXyR 
o Proterra electric bus sets record for most miles traveled in a day http://buff.ly/1scgXT5 
o Nissan's 180 mile range battery coming in 2017 per Andy Palmer http://buff.ly/1jGD2Z2 
o This Parking Lot Is Paved With Solar Panels http://buff.ly/1nujUOR 
o Electric Cars Park for Free in Spain http://buff.ly/1nlPGjt 
o 2,000-Horsepower Electric Dragster Sets New Drag Record http://buff.ly/1hAKSQ2 
o Electric cars taking charge - Keep Me Current: News http://buff.ly/1hAEo3y 
o EPA's most fuel-efficient cars list dominated by EVs http://buff.ly/1jBkVUk 
o Bob Lutz's VL Automotive Merges With GreenTech Automotive http://buff.ly/1fSplHm 

=D~~~ Live Regeneratively!

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