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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Battery Life Extension Tips From Nissan Leaf Owner's Manual

  • Avoid 24-hour exposure @ 120° F or more (EV-21)
  • After use, allow vehicle & battery to cool down before charging (EV-21)
  • Park and store in cool locations avoiding sunlight & heat sources (EV-21)
  • Minimize use of public Fast Charge or Quick Charge (EV-21)
  • Avoid exceeding 70-80% charge if using fast charge or quick charge > 1 time/week (EV-21)
  • Deplete to at least 80% before recharge (EV-21) (i.e. do not top off)
  • Use long-life charge mode except for long trips (i.e. limit total SOC, do not top off)
  • Do not store for >14 days when the battery is empty (EV-21)
  • To extend the life of the battery use long life mode by selecting 80% charge (EV-21 and CH-20) 
  • If the battery temperature gauge indicates too hot or too cold, charging is not possible (CH-31)
  • Drive moderately & use ECO driving mode (EV-21) (i.e. limit max power draw)

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