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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Commercials

The big game is tomorrow. A huge event for football fans everywhere, especially Packers and Steelers fans. But there is another battle that will be going on at the same time, on the same channel. This other battle is for your attention during the commercial breaks. The Super Bowl commercials are legendary and they even have their own TV show that will air after the game.

A big theme this year will be cars. There are some initial signs of economic recovery and there is a pent-up demand for new vehicles. This coupled with the new disruptive cars with cords and there are plenty of companies that want you to think of them first when you look at your dented ride this spring and think I want a new car.

A couple of these commercials have had an early Internet release to add to the build up. One of my favorites is a car commercial that does not even show the car.

GM will be showing the innovative American spirit that is behind the Chevy Volt.

These two commercials and all the Super Bowl XLV ads will be competing to stand out above the noise. One commercial that did just that last year was the Nissan LEAF polar bear ad. It was named the 2010 Commercial Of The Year by TopSpeed.

Nissan has a history of commercials that can help you think about a vehicle's features and its impacts in a new way. The below ad for example demonstrates the beauty of independent front end suspension.

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