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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tesla Dealer In Oregon?

While driving on Highway 26, traffic slowed down as we approached the Vista Ridge Tunnels, as it often does during rush hour. As we slowed to a stop, I noticed the car in front of me was a Tesla Model S. "That's cool", I thought. A Model S is not that unusual of a sight around here.

Tesla Model S on Highway 26 in Portland, OR

Then I noticed the license plate was an unusual color. Looking closer, I saw that it was a Oregon Dealer plate. But wait, Tesla does not have dealerships; they have stores. Hmm... 

What are the rules for dealer plates? Can a car dealer that happened to buy a Model S put these on while waiting for the real plates? Are dealer plates issued to the Tesla company store test-drive cars? I assume, for licensing at least, a store's would fall into the "dealer" category. Are Tesla stores a direct-sales dealership or a company store? ... So many questions from one license plate. 

If you happen to know the driver of the above Tesla, or if you know how this car might have ended up with dealer plates, please let me know.